Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Delaney's Focus

Delaney has loved horses since they were first introduced about two years ago. That would have made her TWO. The fascination has yet to fade. She loves to give Shadow hugs and kisses. She is finally old enough and has hung onto this horse thing long enough to start lessons. Every week, before lessons, we have to walk through the big barn and say hello to every horse that happens to be in their stall. After her lesson we have to stop by and say hello to Shadow and sneak her a couple treats.

I think she's doing amazingly well. She is up there learning the reins, 'steering' the horse, and just having a blast. She's already trotting and practicing her positions which help with balance.

I hope this love affair continues. You can tell by the smile on her face it's something she enjoys. We finish one lesson and she's immediately asking when her next lesson is. I would have her do it every day if I could, just to see that smile. (of course, the mom in me also wishes she could be this focused on other things too!)

Thursday, June 4, 2009


I've been such a slacker. When I started this I figured NO problem, I could post everyday just like all those other people. Daily posts of all the drivel and whining that goes on in my life. But well, then life takes over and gets in the way and I don't have as much going on in my mind or in my life to talk about. Still don't - But i thought I should at least tell you.

Delaney had her first riding lesson. She did amazing. Unfortunately she has also had some serious attitude problems. So, we're not sure what to do. Last night - mad that she had to go to bed, she took her brand new glasses and twisted them in half. It comes to my mind now that i should have taken pictures.

Gabriel is doing well, almost done with school. He was playing tag - and had tunnel vision as only a game of tag can give you and ran into another boy who got in his path. I think the other kid is fine. Gabriel has a fat lip, come bleeding and a loose tooth out of the deal. It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the fact it's one of her permanent teeth. So, x-rays at the dentist and soft food for now untl it doesn't hurt so bad. Poor kid.

our life in a nutshell. i'd update you on the hubby and me but it seems we dont' so as much as we would like.

but then i'm reminded we did make it to the mountains a few weekends ago -maybe i'll add some of those pics for some scenery.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Saturday Morning Sludge

I always like to take a picture of my fish while I can actuall see them. It's that time of year where I drain the water out, catch the fish, haul off the winter sludge, then put the fish back in a much cleaner home. It's not a job for the faint of heart. Sludge, slime, smell and usually something pops out that gives me that short adrenaline rush. It's usually a bullfrog and I don't mind them, they just startle me when I'm in there looking for fish and something jumps out at me.
This year we had no bullfrogs, and I actually missed them. What I did find was this neat lizard. He was living up in the waterfall area - where I found him as I was moving rocks and digging out more sludge.

The kids thought he was cool, so we kept him around in a bucket so they could watch him and so I wouldn't step on him during my cleaning.
The pond is now clean, fish are happy. We also went and got some more fish - from 13 last year to 6 or was it 7 this year. That Grey Heron depleted my pond big time. So, we went to the pet store and spurged. YUP, almost $2.00 on 6 feeder fish. Luckest fish around yesterday.
And hey, can anyone identify this thing?

Friday, April 17, 2009

Mom's Idea of Fun

Randy and I have been trying to do more things this year. Instead of just saying "we should do this, or we should do that" we are actually following through and doing it. We've talked about hiking - and used to do some BK (before kids) and now that Delaney is almost 5, we thought we'd give it a try. Of course, most would start small and work their way up, not us. We started with a 5 mile hike marked "strenous". It was going to be a beautiful day, and although my throat was bothering me, I took some tylenol and we set out. 1.4 miles to the summit, piece of cake I thought. And well, that part wasn't bad. We made it to the top and enjoyed a picnic and the view - as you can see from the picture of the kids - it was a gorgeous view.

Once we started our trip down, the fun and games were over. We started counting how many steps there were - to keep Gabriel occupied and because we were glad we were going DOWN and not up them. My sore throat was thinking of coming back - but thankfully I had packed more tylenol in my bag. Gabriel and Delaney found walking sticks to help them out along the way also.
Here's my girl, for 5 miles, 4 hours and 1,109 stairs (remember I said we counted them) she held up like a trooper, and in true Delaney fashon on the short, FLAT connector trail, within site of our car, she fell and cut up her poor leg. She makes it through all five miles on rough trail, and that's how she hurts herself. That's my girl.

Stone Mountain was an awesome place to hike and we had a great time. Now that we made it through this one, all those other trails will be a piece of cake. (And as a side note, this hike truly did me in - instead of listening to my body and the sore throat - I just loaded up on tylenol and kept going - on Monday with a temp of 102, I was literally down and out!)

Friday, March 27, 2009


We had the opportunity to go to a Hurricanes Hockey game last weekend, so after Gabriel's double header soccer games - we packed up and headed out. Thanks to one of B & G's subcontractors we had REALLY good seats - seats we never could have afforded if it was up to us, and we enjoyed them. It was fun to watch Gabriel take everything in and trying to figure it all out.
Here is Cam Ward - Goalie - he did an awesome job and we won - 4-1 that night. We left a little early because between G coughing (allergies) and Delaney saying she didn't feel good- we figured it would be a good idea to hit the road, and it was a 2 1/2 hour drive home. Thankfully the kids fell asleep for the most part of it- if only Delaney hadn't woken up for the last 30 minutes and whined every minute "when are we going to be home" it wouldn't have been so bad!

Here are the monsters, I mean my kids- ready for the game to start.

Me and the monsters before the game.....we had such a good time

There's dad with the kids......

Thursday, March 12, 2009

what a difference a few days can make

These pictures were from Saturday - Delaney's first ever soccer game. She sooooo wasn't into it. Looking back I'm trying to justify her lack of enthusiasm by the fact that later that night she was running a fever and on Monday we found out she had Strep throat. We are hoping she is more enthusiastic this weekend. Oh wait, mom and dad are actually hoping it's rained out. She has a double header plus Gabriel has a game plus I have to take Kavik to the vets. If I end up at a field with Kavik in cleats, please understand.
Here they both are - ready to kick off the soccer season. I didn't get to see Gabriel's game - rushed from her game to his and saw the last two minutes of it and he wasn't playing. AH well, I'd say better luck this week, but again, I am praying for rain - (did i mention i want to go to the new IKEA store?)

Hard to believe this was Monday,March 2. Lots of snow - no power. It was a chilly few hours at home - thankfully I remembered i could warm up water on the gas grill and have instant coffee- and we have a griddle so scrambled eggs could be on the menu.

THe kids out enjoying a spring snowfall in the south. The first time since we've moved here we've had such a late snow - by Friday it was sunny, 70 and a memory.
Mind you it is now the following friday, and it's back to the 30's for us and this spring weather....

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Spring into Soccer

I say spring but it surely didn't feel like spring. I had to wake Delaney up this Saturday morning since her practice was at 9 am, doesn't it figure that this was the day she'd pick to sleep in? So, we woke her up, poured breakfast down her throat and BUNDLED her up - as it was only 22 degrees outside. Yes, soccer practice and it was only 22 degress outside. I think she said many times on the way that she didn't want to play soccer anymore, and well, can you blame her? This is a shot of her out on the field, and boy does it say to me "I really don't want to be here right now!"

This was the first time i had ever brought hot cocoa rather than gaterade to a practice. Lucky us, Gabriel's practice was right after Delaney's - so we had three hours of being outside - but hey, it warmed up to a balmy 38 by lunchtime!

Gabriel's new soccer cleats - stylin in green this year

Delaney's feet- she looks so cute in her black and pink cleats...